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Organizer Lite app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5128 ratings )
Developer: Aesthology Inc.
Current version: 5.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 19 Feb 2009
App size: 9.27 Mb

Organizer is an iPhone application that works just like a real organizer. You can enter text or events, create diagrams, use emoji, insert pictures or maps, or enter contacts just as you would write them down in your organizer. You can also record and play voice memos on the iPhone. It is the perfect tool to manage your daily schedule, to-do list, notes or diary.

Organizer was designed to act like a sheet of paper, allowing the software to accept the individual manner of its user. Anything you can write down on a sheet of paper, you can write down in Organizer. Organizer suits the needs and preferences of any user.

Other features include the followings:

- The Lite version is now ad-supported.
- Enter text (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough) with checkbox and bullets.
- Insert emoticons (182 emoticons are supplied)
- Insert photos by taking a picture from within Organizer, or by importing it from the photo library.
- Insert contacts from the address book.
- Insert map
- Insert voice memo.
- Insert shapes (line, freehand, rectangle, round rectangle and ellipse)
- Support alarms
- Monthly and weekly calendars.
- List view with todo management (check/uncheck items, see open/all todos, etc)
- Optional passcode protection.
- Various options and options (go to “Settings” on home screen).
- Backup data to Mac or PC
- Shows holidays in 21 countries.
- And many more!

The full version of Organizer has all the features in the Lite version, plus some additional features listed below:

- Cloud sync via Dropbox
- Independent note section ("pages" feature)
- Calendar App support
- Google Calendar support
- Task management (can optionally sync with Google Tasks)
- Twitter support
- Enter handwritten text
- Enter freehand drawings
- Enhanced export feature (e.g., bulk export)
- New fonts for text and events (requires iOS 5)

Visit our support page for the complete list of features and comprehensive user manual:

Pros and cons of Organizer Lite app for iPhone and iPad

Organizer Lite app good for

In my opinion this app is just about the best it gets when it comes to organization apps! I cant wait to try the full version.
I think it is very useful and great but how do you get check boxes and change the colours of the background???
This is an awesome app, and it is the free version! You have to get it. I use it to keep yrack of my work schedule. Cannot live without it.
Lite version severely limits features like checkboxes. Im interested in the full version but its expensive! Not willing to spend the money unless I get to try all the features (ie. All features but for a limited time)
Just what I was looking for. Easy to use, intuitive, attractive design... Great app.
Now that I have an ipad, I want to be able to use this app on the ipad! Easy to use, lots of different applications....add pictures, multiple colours, check off boxes. I like it on the iphone but its tedious to input would be great on the ipad. Add a handwriting feature and it would be heaven.

Some bad moments

... in order to be useful in a practical sense, it must be possible to set up interval events like birthdays (once per year) and other repeating events, like for example Thanksgiving, which occurs on the fourth Thursday in November... and that is actually only the beginning. So this is fun for those who want to play with the program, but not for those who need to maintain an ongoing reference as well as a history of past events.
The lite version is stupid cause u can like only put on 4 things (DONT BOTHER)
I downloaded the lite version in order to test it before purchasing the full one. It opens on my phone for about 2 seconds before automatically closing. I tried re-installing the app, but it did not change. From the description it seems to be the closest thing to what Im looking for but I cant even try it out.
I need an app like this but the add pop up on the worst of times an when I am about to finalize something I press the stupid add and get whisked away to purchase it and it cancels out the important date. I know adds are important but cant you make them smaller and out of the way?
Has potential..the pop up ads at the top & bottom of UI continually mess up data entry on iPhone 4. I find myself visiting the App Store accidentally every time I use it. The UI is just so/so.
I love this app. It has great capabilities but my app crashes everytime I input a new item into my schedule. Its anoying and I am not sure half of the time if it acctually saved before it crashed. It wasnt like that a while ago.. maybe it was the latest update that is doing it...

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